What is TCP?

The CompanyProject is a site specifically for the Firearms Instructor and the Firearms Industry.

Get training, learn strategies and benefit from the wisdom of a business consultant and Subject Matter Experts.

Everything is designed to help you find, motivate and keep profitable customers.

Learn how to market, build and grow profitably. Get the support that entrepreneurs in the firearms industry rarely have, but always need.

Who Should Be Here?

The CompanyProject is not for everyone.

It’s really dedicated to the business issues and situations surrounding Firearms Instructors, Range Owners and the other firearms related business owners.

As business owners, we end up wearing a lot of hats. But we still need to grow profitably. The CompanyProject can help you understand those hats and how best to wear them.

There’s no need to go it alone. Get support and expert direction for your business.

What’s inside?

A variety of content to best help you grow a business is top priority. At TCP, you have access to an interactive forum, blogs, tools, interviews, videos, training, Q&A’s and webinars.

You will also have the ability to interact with hand-picked Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) that cover several different industries.

Soup to nuts…Where else can your firearms business get the help it needs to grow a profitable business and have access to everything from accountants to web designers?

Your Payoff

This isn’t a “done for you” project, it’s “done with you”. The value from TCP will give you better strategies, more of the right information and the tools you need to make growth/profitability/success easier, quicker and with fewer mistakes.

Our tag line is “build, grow, profit…repeat”. All of those steps are needed to have a successful business. I’d love to help you get where you want to be.

If this sounds like you...
you’re in the right place.

– I’m a firearms instructor that wants a solid business strategy.

– I want to know the best ways to market to my potential (and existing) customers.

– I want to take my part-time business to full-time.

– Sometimes I feel like a “Lone Wolf” running my business. I’d love to have some feedback and support from professionals and others in the firearms industry

– I need to scale my existing business to take it to the next level.

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